My mother, Joni Toh, and I are both Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZTs). We have opened an art enrichment centre called "Everything Is Art". Our main aim is to teach Zentangle art classes to children and adults in Singapore. We have also taught workshops for different organisations such as Grand Hyatt Singapore, Shangri-La Hotel, HDB Hub, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Alexandra Health, and SingEx (Expo) to bring interesting Zentangle programs to more people.

  With our high-quality teaching methods and great passion, we hope to spread our love for the Zentangle method to you and many others.

Here are some of my Zentangle art works:

What is Zentangle?

  The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing repeating patterns. Think of it as mindful drawing; during which you will create drawings like those you see in the now trending colouring books in bookstores.  You can see some examples of the Zentangle tiles I've done in the slideshow above.

Isn't that the same as doodling?

  *gasps* You said the "d" word!

  The Zentangle method is different from doodling. Doodling is done mindlessly, has no specific structure or method. With the Zentangle method, there are patterns that we teach to our students in order to focus the mind. The art created is done with intent, and the results is an art piece that you can be proud of.

What are the benefits of Zentangle?

  Personally, I've found a sense of inner calm, a new outlet for my creative energies, a way to help focus my mind... 

  If you're an adult, you're probably experiencing stress from how fast-paced Singapore is. As a teacher, I realised very early on in my career that children in Singapore are not spared from how competitive our society is... Art has been proven to be therapeutic, and I'm sure no matter how young or old you are, you'll benefit from the Zentangle method in one way or another. 

  The Zentangle method also promotes creativity, and the idea that there are no mistakes- only opportunities. As the Zentangle motto goes; "Anything is possible one stroke at a time.".

Can children (and adults) make such nice art works? What if I don't have any prior experience in art?

  You'll be surprised by what people can achieve, if only they believed in themselves. Positive encouragement goes a long way, and as teachers, we're always there to guide our students. No prior experience in art is needed to learn Zentangle. "I can't draw," you say. Join us for a class and we'll prove you wrong. 

  Do note that we only teach children aged 7 years and older.

What kind of classes do you teach?

  We teach weekly classes, various craft classes, online classes, and of course, private classes in your own home. Read all about them as you scroll down.

Do you teach corporate workshops..?

  Yes! If you're interested to hold one-off corporate team-building classes or have us teach a workshop at your event, click this link to find out what kind of classes we teach. 

  We have previously worked with organisations such as Grand Hyatt Singapore, Shangri-La Hotel, HDB Hub, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Alexandra Health, and SingEx (Expo), and various restaurants. We'd love to teach a workshop at your organisation.


  We teach weekly classes at Community Centres. During our weekly classes, you will not only learn different Zentangle patterns, but also, how to piece them together in a beautiful manner. There are four lessons in one term, and after one term, you will have a holistic understanding of what Zentangle art is and be able to create your own art works.

  The first class will always be an Introduction to the Zentangle method... The second and third classes are creative classes where new techniques will be taught, and the last class is an "advanced class". 

  Each of the weekly classes lasts an hour and and a half. We charge for four classes at one go. The cost of the classes sometimes varies with each Community Centre... However, if you have a PAssion Card, usually it's $80 for four classes.

Find out which venues we teach weekly classes at.

MARCH 2018

  • BUKIT BATOK EAST ZONE 3 RC: (Next to Bukit Batok East Community Club. To get to the RC, you can take bus 173 from Bukit Batok bus interchange and alight at Blk 254.) 1:30pm to 3pm. Saturdays. 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th March 2018.
  • TOA PAYOH CENTRAL COMMUNITY CLUB: 7:30pm to 9pm. Wednesdays. 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th March 2018.

  Does our schedule not line up with yours? Consider taking a private class with us. More info can be found just a little below.

Do I need to prepare any materials for the class?

    Do bring along some courage, patience, and an open-mind to the class. We will provide all the drawing materials you'll need. There will be a $10 charge for materials that will last you through all four of the classes.


  Perhaps our schedule does not match yours but you really want to attend a class with us... Or maybe you'd just prefer to have classes from your own home.... We can go to you, instead! Private classes at a venue of your choice (your condo's clubhouse, your own home, at Teacher Joni's home, or at a cafe) can be arranged. It will cost a flat-rate of $120 per class, excluding materials fees. Usually, we teach two to six pax per class. You can have an introduction to the Zentangle method, or have a craft class of your choice.

  The benefits of attending a private class is the convenience of choosing your own venue, the ability to have just your family/friends in the class, and the advantage of arranging different dates and timings for each class you have. Do contact Stephanie at to make an enquiry or arrange a class.


We have begun teaching Zentangle craft classes.

  Craft classes are project-based classes where you get to bring home an item that you have drawn on. We currently teach tote bags and greeting cards craft classes. The classes are one-off and last for two hours. They are open to both adults and children. The teaching fee is $35 for each class, excluding cost of materials.


  In this two hour new creative art class, you will get to learn a number of Zentangle patterns and how to combine them to create a multi-flap greeting card. Click here to watch a mini video on what your finished greeting card will look like. You will also be taught different techniques on how to use Tombow dual brush markers such as misting, colour blending, and how to create gradients. You will also be taught how to draw beautiful gemstones that you can use to add a spark of magic to your art work.

  Materials fees is $33, to be paid directly to us on the day of the class. Materials will include a set of ten Tombow dual brush markers (20% discount off of the $39.90 retail price), one spray bottle, two blank cards, and one zip-lock bag. You will be allowed to bring all of their materials home.

We do not have any upcoming greeting card classes.

I'm interested in signing up for Zentangle weekly classes/craft class with you.

  I'm glad to hear that. You can sign up at your respective Community Centre, and we'll see you on the first day of class. :)


  If your schedule does not allow for you to attend a class in-person with us or if you live overseas, you could join an online class that we teach. Find out more via this link.

I have a question that isn't answered here.

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